Created in 2019, our community-born and expert-supported movement empowers hard-hit local communities to become agents of transformation and stewards of their own just, healthy, and sustainable future. So far, the movement has been brought forward on a volunteer basis by 21 village communities and 70 experts over two nationwide EA cycles.

We have been robbed of our breathable air, safe water, fruitful lands, and hope for the future. 
Due to lack of coordination, accountability, and community inclusion, there is little to show for the $4.5 billion in aid given to Lebanon from 2019 to 2021.

We can’t afford to wait for more empty promises. Local action is our best chance for honest change.

  • AUB, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

Environment Academy is registered as a 501(C)(3) non profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible in the USA and Canada. Contributions to EA will directly be implemented in providing resources for community-born transformation with residents ready to make change happen.


Lebanon’s dwindling rain leaves farmers struggling for water

Harf Beit Hasna (part of EA Cycle 2) is facing severe water scarcity issues which are getting worse due to climate change. The Associated Press News talked to residents about their resilience and adaptation strategies, and what is needed for the future.

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Lebanon's environment cannot afford to take many more hits

Op-ed by EA co-founder Dr. Najat Saliba, delineating the connections between Lebanon's collapse and environmental degradation, and the hope she sees within grassroots citizen movements.

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In parts of Mideast, power generators spew toxic fumes 24/7

Environment Academy co-founders Dr. Najat Saliba and Sammy Kayed talk to the Associated Press News about the dire state of air pollution in Lebanon due to diesel emissions from generators.

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Place-Born Resistance and Action in Lebanon

Op-ed by EA co-founder Sammy Kayed for UMichigan NCID's "Environmental Racism and Justice" series, revealing how citizens in Lebanon undergoing grave collapse are mobilizing from the ground up to reimagine the future in their community & country.

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A grass-roots science movement to rebuild Lebanon

Nature magazine talked with EA co-founder Dr. Najat Saliba in Btekhnay (part of EA2) about how academia connecting with communities serves real-world change.

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Environment Academy - LBCI Lebanon (video)

On March 18th, 2022, Environment Academy's co-founders Dr. Najat A. Saliba and Sammy Kayed appeared on LBCI's The Researcher to speak about the motivations and goals behind the movement.

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In Lebanon, a researcher is redefining the concept of empowerment and sustainability

UN Women interviewed EA co-founder Dr. Najat Saliba and EA Core Staff about community-born action and decentralized environmental governance.

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Research Brief: Defenders of our Planet: Resilience in the Face of Restrictions

A 28-page report by civil society non-profit Civicus featured a case study on Environment Academy discussing the successes and challenges of environmental justice work in Lebanon, and how uplifting community interests and local voices helps us create solutions.

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BBC - Lebanon’s Water Crisis (video)

BBC talked to Btebyet local team leader Sally Souweid about her team's initiative, as part of EA Cycle 1, to reimagine the village's solid waste management, for the protection of precious water resources.

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Lebanon low on clean water (video)

TRT World investigated the clean water crisis in Lebanon and spoke with EA co-founder Sammy Kayed about why foreign aid is not the panacea solution to the country's water issues.

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