Numerous houses in the small village of 50 households in Al Bouaida don’t have a proper septic tank installed nor do they have a connection to a wastewater network, which causes foul odors and soil contamination. Even the households with connection to the wastewater network have to put up with raw wastewater contaminating local groundwater and flowing out to a touristic and religious site surrounded by agricultural lands at the bottom of the village.

Current Activities

athering data on number of households, number of inhabitants per household, number of households connected to the network, and the quantity of wastewater generated by the community, conceptualizing a wastewater treatment facility that would use low-cost and low-maintenance nature based ways of treating wastewater (such as reeds and solar radiation for disinfection and reduction of nutrient load), building up the teams capacity to use GIS software, and finding the best-suited operator for a potential treatment facility.